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Nokia and Microsoft?!

Posted in Computers by Armchair Guy on February 11, 2011

Nokia, one of Open Source’s biggest advocates and sources of strength, has practically merged with Microsoft, Open Source’s biggest enemy and saboteur.  The agreement goes beyond simple cooperation.  Nokia is killing Meego, an important open source initiative.

This has been on the horizon for quite a while, ever since Nokia hired long-time Microsoft insider Elop as its CEO, and intensifying with a leaked internal memo Elop supposedly sent to Nokia employees.

This probably will help Nokia in the long run, but it fundamentally changes the company’s character.  This is a sellout by a biased CEO.  I was with Nokia so far, but I’m switching to Android as soon as I can.


I had a conversation yesterday that got me thinking, and the more I think about it, the more it seems to me that Elop was a Microsoft implant into Nokia, sent in for this very purpose.  Elop apparently made some noises about why he picked Windows over Android, but I doubt he ever considered Android.  The deal is hugely helpful for Microsoft, which was struggling to get anyone to show interest in Windows. It also seems vaguely helpful for Nokia, but it’s simply not commensurate.  Microsoft gets Navtec maps, various services, a ready-made phone distribution net, and a huge share of phone profits from Nokia at absolutely no cost to itself!  Nokia gives all this potentially revenue-generating stuff to Microsoft for free!  All Microsoft is doing is providing the already-developed Windows OS — and even that for a share of the profits!

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  1. The Mindset said, on June 14, 2011 at 11:16 am

    If I buy a phone I look what the seller is offering me for my money, not whether it runs on a OSS or a Microsoft product.

    Microsoft has given quite some great products so far – Windows, Office 97 -2007, Zune and much.
    One thing I admire about Microsoft is that they add Value to their product. Not like the sluggish open source Open Office which is still 10 years behind MS office.
    If somebody can pay, he will always go for Microsoft

  2. Armchair Guy said, on June 14, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    I’ll agree that MS Office is better than OpenOffice — but calling it a “great product” is really going too far. It’s buggy and unreliable. (OpenOffice is even worse. OTOH, OpenOffice uses a meaningful standard for its file format, MS doesn’t. But maybe that doesn’t matter from a customer perspective — right now at least.)

    Windows XP is buggy, unstable, lacks features, and is far inferior to Ubuntu. (An unfair comparison perhaps — I haven’t used Vista or Windows 7, so can’t comment on those.)

    Generally, it is Microsoft that is far behind Linux on almost everything. E.g. tabbed browsing came to Firefox 2 years before it came to IE — and even today IE doesn’t come anywhere close to the Firefox experience.

    Remote logins were available on Linux 10 years before they were available on Windows.

    The places Windows beats Linux are driver support and the “marketplace” ie the variety of software available.

    As far as phones go, it remains to be seen whether MS can deliver a phone that can match Android. If you really want to compare, compare with Mac.

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