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The Plausible Deniability Defense

Posted in India by Armchair Guy on December 11, 2010

So the Congress is getting some heat for minority-inflaming politics immediately after 26/11, based on cables leaked by WikiLeaks (everything seems to be about wikileaks nowadays).  The Congress is in the crosshairs.  They’ve tried the deniability route, questioning two things: first, whether there really was such a wikileaks cable, and second, whether the ambassador truly said what’s in the leaked cable.  The first one is very easy to answer: yes, it did.  And it said a lot more than what the press has the courage to report.  If you’re interested, just search for “wikileaks” on google. Then go to 2010/12/10 under “Browse Latest Releases” and click on Reference ID  08NEWDELHI3228.  The second issue, whether the cable is genuine, is of course much harder to ascertain.  But its contents are completely consistent with Congress strategy in the last decade or so.

I’m quite undecided on whether wikileaks is good or not.  I don’t think disclosing all information just because it’s there to be disclosed is good.  On the other hand, we occasionally get a neutral, unsanitized (because it’s not expected to be public) opinion on our country’s politics.