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How Much Did Enthiran Cost??

Posted in Movies and Entertainment by Armchair Guy on November 15, 2010

Enthiran, the Rajnikanth movie, was released to huge publicity and an incredible public reception.  In Boston, the initial ticket prices were double the usual movie ticket prices, and people still went.  They came down to normal around week three or four. That’s when I went and saw the movie.  It was an ok movie.  Somewhat silly in places, but it had its entertaining moments.

According to Wikipedia, Enthiran cost Indian rupee162 crore.  This is quite amazing to me.  Indian rupee162 crore equals $32.4 million.  In comparison, Jurassic Park cost $63 million in 1993 and The Matrix cost $63 million in 1999.  The special effects in Enthiran are pretty good, and somewhat innovative, but the amount of screen time they get is minuscule compared to the effects in Jurassic Park and the Matrix.  Plus, they’re far poorer in quality than —  not as as detailed or spectacular as — the effects in those films.  I presume the cost of CGI special effects has also declined.

According to the Indian Express, a major reason for the cost was the special effects which alone cost 40% of the entire budget.  Even accounting for inflation, I can’t understand why Enthiran cost so much. Did they simply get ripped off by the special-effects-wallahs?


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