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I Love Evince!

Posted in Computers by Armchair Guy on July 31, 2008

Evince, the Gnome document viewer under Ubuntu 7.10 and up, is simply a great piece of software. It has some simple features which enhance its usefulness for academic work.

Incremental search instead of boring-old-search make evince my favourite viewer for almost any type of document it supports.

The extra feature I use most often is “Open a Copy” in the File menu. This opens up another instance of evince displaying the same file, very useful when you need several different pages of the document open at the same time.

Another useful related feature is, if you click using the middle button while following a PDF link, the link opens up in a new window (just like in Firefox). That way you don’t lose the original page.

Of course, evince could be made better. Here’s my wish-list:

  1. Add a cycle-through-bookmarks feature for the cases when I want quick browsing in one window instead of many
  2. Add an “Open a Copy” toolbar button
  3. The version of evince I’m using on Ubuntu 7.10 doesn’t work at all with the print server CUPS; maybe this is already fixed in the newer versions
  4. DVI files are blurred (or maybe over-antialiased)
  5. We need browser-style back and forward buttons in addition to the page back and page forward buttons, so we can follow links more easily
  6. Would be nice to be able to place two arbitrary (not just adjacent) pages side-by-side.
  7. Alternatively, allow left-right split window with synchronized scrolling made possible (i.e. scrolling one scrolls the other by the same amount)
  8. Add a “search for full word only” option to the incremental search
  9. More when I think of it!
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