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Hindi Movies to Avoid

Posted in Movies and Entertainment by Armchair Guy on July 24, 2008

Here are some bad Hindi movies that I had the misfortune to watch. A 1-star rating means that I would unwatch this movie if I could. A 2-star rating means it’s still pretty bad, but (depending on your tolerance level) you won’t feel like you’ve been tortured mentally after watching it.

  1. Hyderabad Blues 2 (2 star).Silly and aimless but not horrible.
  2. Bombay to Bangkok (1 star). Why would Kukunoor do this to his own reputation?
  3. Heyy Babyy (1 star). Akshay Kumar had a few good movies, but seems to be picking only bad ones nowadays.
  4. U, Me aur Hum (1 star). Tries to be meaningful and talk about Alzheimer’s disease, but is mostly just obnoxiously bad Bollywood masala. Should’ve known as soon as I saw the atrocious Hinglish title.
  5. Kisna (2 stars). At least there’s some rope Mallakhamb to watch.
  6. Kites (1 star). The worst thing about this movie is how seriously it takes itself.  Loads of unintentional comedy — but not worth watching.
  7. Dabangg (1 star).  Incoherent, disjointed and generally hard to watch.
  8. Guzaarish (2 stars). Typical Bhansali stuff — self-indulgent, pedantic, un-creative, weirdly monochrome, and resorts to cheap tricks to get audience sympathy. (Black was just as bad.)
  9. F.A.L.T.U. (2 stars). Apart from being a blatant rip-off of Accepted, it’s got no flow, events seem to happen without any reason, and it’s not funny.
  10. Student of the Year (1 star).  This movie was so bad I had to walk out midway, in spite of going with extremely low expectations (seeing as it was directed by Karan Johar).
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