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Telugu Movie Reviews

Posted in Movies and Entertainment by Armchair Guy on July 9, 2008

Here are sites that do Telugu movie reviews:


    The reviews aren’t very uniform, not always informative, and I disagree with many of them. But the site seems comprehensive for recent movies.

  2. reviews on this one are as uneven as those on Idlebrain; again, it has most recent releases. Careful with this site; it includes extreme spoilers. It reveals not just general plot elements, but the final solution to a suspense or mystery. (Think “the butler did it”.)
  3. site seems to have better reviews than the previous ones. They still have the style peculiar to Telugu movie reviews: divided up into “Analysis”, “Cast”, “Performances”, and other peculiar categories. The writing is still average. But at least they seem to recognize a hackneyed plot when they see it. A very interesting feature: they list Hollywood movies that inspired each movie!
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