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Spinach and Grape Tomato Spaghetti

Posted in Food by Armchair Guy on June 11, 2008

I got this recipe from here, and made some minor modifications.


Spaghetti – 1/2 pound
Fresh spinach – 3 handfuls, or 150 grams; finely chopped
Grape tomatoes – two handfuls, or 100 grams; cut in halves
Parmesan cheese – Freshly grated, 1/4 cup
Garlic – Freshly grated, 1.5 teaspoons, or about 3 medium cloves
Dried basil – 1.5 teaspoons
Virgin olive oil


Put the spaghetti on boil, partially covered, with about 3 cups water and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. In a separate pan, heat 3 teaspoons olive oil. Add the grape tomatoes and sautee for 2 min. Add the grated garlic and basil and stir to coat tomatoes with them, about 20 seconds. Add the chopped spinach, toss with the tomatoes. Cook for about 3 min, until spinach is wilted. Turn off heat and wait until spaghetti is done.

When spaghetti is done, drain about 1/2 cup of cooking liquid from spaghetti into the pan with the spinach and tomatoes and start heat on low. Discard the remaining cooking liquid if any. Add the grated parmesan to the pan and bring to a boil for about 30 seconds, mixing to make sure the parmesan melts. Pour the contents of the pan into the spaghetti pot and stir over a medium flame until liquid is almost gone, 2-3 minutes. Done!

Tip: The spinach tends to clump together because of the cheese. You can separate it or leave it; the spinach clumps have a nice texture of their own.

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